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Home Inspection Services

You Quest for your Home. We make sure is Right!

Additional Services

Provided as requested by a contracted independent company*

Additional fees apply

  • Asbestos*- This carcinogen is most often found on old steam heating pipes and old 9x9" linoleum tiles. Safe and lawful removal of asbestos can be very expensive. Since this company does not do removal, we have no interest in the outcome of a test and can assure an honest test result from an independent lab. Testing is performed by an independent Asbestos evaluation company as requested.
  • Lead Paint*- A surface-by-surface investigation is performed to determine whether there is lead-based paint in the house and where it is located. Lead-based paint inspections determine the presence of lead in paint using precise testing. It is particularly helpful in identifying where lead is present prior to purchasing or renovating a home, and to identify potential sources of lead exposure at any time. A complete lead paint testing can be done as requested by an independent Lead paint inspection company.
  • Well Water* -It is now law (although rarely enforced) that homes with well water should have a county-approved full water screen performed, which tests for the presence of over 60 organic and non-organic compounds.
  • Oil Tank Testing* - Tank testing is performed by an independent Oil tank inspection company. Tank testing procedure uses cutting edge integrity analysis to evaluate the health of the tank and all connective piping in the tank system. The acoustical sensors used in this process will safely identify any problems with the stability and integrity of the tank and piping. You will receive a written report detailing the health of your tank, and an appropriate suggestion of service.
  • Oil Tank Search* - Many gas heated homes were once heated with oil, and may still have an unknown tank buried on the property somewhere. These abandoned tanks may have leaked and contaminated the soil, creating a need for a cleanup which can cost over $10,000! It is important for any home buyer to make sure they are not taking possession of a contaminated property. A variety of cutting edge methods are used to find hidden tanks, including Ground Penetrating Radar, Magnetometry, and Electro-Magnetic Induction- in addition to the traditional methods of locating hidden tanks. The tank search is performed by an independent oil tank search company as requested. The tools used during the search are capable of finding tanks at depths of 20 feet, you will receive a written field report of their findings and a suggestion for your next step!